Welcome to Devcon4: Prague Pub Crawl!

Welcome Ethereum community to Prague for Devcon4!

This a Prague pub crawl city tour organized by a Prague native from the Ethereum community. The pub crawl will start the night at DupleX and we will drink our way to a ton of other popular bars and clubs in Prague including Crazy Daisy, Anonymous, Black Angels, Rooftop Terrace, Coyotees, L’Fleur, Steampunk, James Dean, One Club, and Valmont to name a few. We will try to make as many as we can while time permits, or as much as you can handle, and it will be a fun way to get to know this beautiful city! Come and make new friends on the first night of Devcon4 on your travels to Prague, and have a night to remember! If you have any questions or need to find us on our journey, message your co-host @EthereumJesus on Twitter. See you there!


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