Parity + Polkadot Prague Devcon Meetup

Special Devcon Parity & Polkadot meetup in Prague! Come relax after Devcon Day 0—food, beer, and wine will be served.

***NEW VENUE***:
Vnitroblock (in the “Uprosted” event hall)
Tusarova 31, 170 00 Prague 7

13-minute Uber ride from Congress center; you can also take the tram to Tusarova or Dělnická.

Doors open at 6:30pm, presentations begin at 7:30pm.


Topics covered:
– build light client dapps with light.js
– build your own blockchain with Substrate
– transfer data across chains with Polkadot
– learn about Polkascan, the first realtime multi-chain explorer for Polkadot & Substrate
– p2p tech for robotics tasks

– Jutta Steiner, Founder & CEO Parity Technologies
– Björn Wagner, Founder & Chief Commercial Officer Parity Technologies
– Fabian Gompf, VP Technology Partnerships Parity Technologies
– Amaury Martiny, JavaScript Developer at Parity Technologies
– Emiel Sebastiaan, Lead Engineer at Polkascan
– Sergei Lonshakov, Software Architect at Airalab R&D

Hosted by Anna Rose of

Organised by Parity Technologies. From Parity Ethereum, the most advanced Ethereum client, to Polkadot, the next-generation interoperable blockchain network, we build the cutting edge of Web 3.0.

To help foster blockchain innovation, we recently announced Parity Substrate, a blockchain-building technology that makes it easier to experiment with new ideas for state-transition machines, privacy, and governance.

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