OPEN HEARTS & OPEN MINDS: Diversity & Inclusivity Party

Join us for the very first edition of the “Open Hearts & Open Minds” Diversity & Inclusivity series. This event will be taking place in Prague during devcon iv and Prague Blockchain Week. We’ll get started with a panel, followed by interactive booths, drinks, and good times!

The topic for this evening’s panel will be: “Blockchain Governance – Designing for Inclusivity”

If we imagine a future world where web3 replaces legacy web2 technology, it’s important to consider how blockchain governance will impact us globally. It will be imperative to ensure that there is a diverse mix of opinions, stakeholders, and participants to avoid becoming stuck in echo chambers of our own design.

In order to set the foundation properly, we need to tackle difficult subjects and clarify some of the nuances. How can individuals participate in blockchain governance? Is it a matter of code, linguistics, politics, or something else? How do we contribute to designing these systems beyond just expressing our thoughts online or endlessly appending comments to Github Issues?

In this new distributed technology, the system is the governance… until it’s not.

If we truly aim to prevent blockchain governance from being permanently captured by a narrow group of stakeholders, we will have to coordinate, collaborate, and communicate with open minds and open hearts… and of course open source. Let’s discuss who has the power to alter our protocols, who we think should in the future, and why it’s so important.

The Panelist lineup will be announced soon… stay tuned!

Interactive Booths (During Party/Mixer):

1) Cryptochicks on Crypto Education for Everyone

2) Bob Summerwill on Neurodiversity and open communication

3) Workshop on Masculinity and Femininity as Non-Binary Concepts

4) Spankchain on using crypto to empower marginalized populations

5) Women4Blockchain on young coders and the future generation of devs


SPONSORS & COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Status, Infura, SpankChain, Cellarius, CryptoChicks, Blockchains LLC, and Kickback.

**Space is limited, so please RSVP via eventbrite (alternatively, to reserve a spot, please find us on the Kickback dApp).

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