#DeFi Summit – Prague

The #DeFi – Prague summit will be a day-long community gathering on the latest and most pressing issues in the space. A chance to get together for a day as a movement, united by the same overarching vision, to look back on the past year and look forward on what’s to come. The event will mix talks on the main stage with participatory breakout sessions and technical workshops led by key actors of the space.

Shared values of collaboration and openness are reasons why innovation is happening at such an astounding pace in decentralized finance. The DeFi movement upholds these values by bringing together individuals working on decentralized finance to discuss, collaborate and help each other. After our latest #DeFi Summit in San Francisco, we are looking forward to hosting you at our #DeFi Prague Summit on the 29th of October!

Thanks to Dharma Labs, Cambrial Capital, MakerDAO and Set Protocol for co-organizing this event and a special thanks to Usman Abiola, DeFi community member from Nigeria, for designing the event’s cover!


Event Details