#CryptoLife Hackathon

In order to advance the mass adoption of Ethereum, we need to build truly distributed applications that people can use easily on a day-to-day basis and from which they can genuinely benefit. Join us in Prague to buidl the tools, products, and services which will bring crypto closer to life. From Travel, to Marketplaces, EIPs and Interoperability, Games, and Social tools; the best minds are gathering the weekend before DevCon to pull the future closer to reality.

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Registrations and an opening ceremony to kick things off! Some light workshops and keynotes by some of the leaders of Ethereum. Followed by a reception to allow hackers to form teams and start brainstorming. HACKING BEGINS!
Hacking and workshops!
The end of the hackathon with judging and presentation of the winners. All followed by a party to celebrate an incredible weekend.
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