CoinFund & Cambrial: Generalized Mining and The Third-Party Economy

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A wave of new groups have taken to market to build mining companies and network-facing services that tend to provision staking and validator nodes. Today, they are focused on defensibility strategies having to do with specialized hardware, operational security, and the deep economic understanding of proof-of-stake (PoS) systems. But as decentralized networks become ubiquitous as large-scale coordination mechanisms and, ultimately, publicly-owned institutions, it will become apparent that the role of technological actors in these networks goes far beyond PoS-style block validation. The set of domain-specific problems that can be solved by global networks, from organizational governance to computational resources to social media, is bewilderingly large. We have termed the activity of engaging the set of techno-financial opportunities in decentralized networks generalized mining, a nod to the roots of third-party cryptoeconomics in systems such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. We have termed the general marketplace of networks, service providers, and cryptoeconomic business opportunities as the third-party economy. Investors, companies, and projects play an important role in these upcoming networks. This meetup is intended to bring together the foremost participants in the generalized mining space to explore this set of exciting opportunities. Beer, wine and snacks will be provided.

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Confirmed Speakers From:

Cambrial Capital
Chorus One
ZK Capital
Fabric Ventures
additional speakers TBA

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