#blockchainhackers meetup

A meetup for blockchain security researchers, engineers, and smart contract auditors to share and exchange experience. We will discuss how to make smart contracts and blockchain protocols more secure, and current methods and threats in blockchain security.


SDLC in Smart Contracts and BVSS – Pavlo Radchuk, Application Security Team Lead at Hacken

Symbolic Verification of Ethereum Smart Contracts – Petar Tsankov, Chief Science Officer at ChainSecurity

Smart Contract Vulnerability Classification – Ivan Ivanitskiy, Chief Analytics Officer at Smartdec

Bug Bounty for Blockchain Projects – Evgenia Broshevan, Project Lead at HackenProof

Static Analysis for Vyper – Evgeny Marchenko, Lead Developer at Smartdec


For any questions, you can contact Phil Zhunior at phil@hacken.io


Event Details